PBBG's Under Review

Most of the pbbg's that I come across these days look the same and in fact are often developed by the same company using the same core with a different skin. Learning that the game has an auto-path "feature" tends to result in an immediate turn off, but it does speed up the review process. Many of these games end up on my Mammoth list of PBBG's; a repository of the good, the bad, and the ugly. But on occasion, a game piques my interest enough to create an account, dive in, and check it out. Here are a few recent games that I'm reviewing for possible inclusion within my list of top recommended PBBG's.

PBBG's Currently Under Review
PBBG Watch List

The following PBBG's are under early development and therefore not available for public review but look interesting so I'm keeping an eye on them for future consideration.

  • TBD Age of Ascent: [3D] Alpha. Very ambitious. Experienced developers.
  • TBD Mad World:. 2D Alpha. Lots of 404 pages linked to from the main page. Has this project been abandoned?