Ylands Sandbox Survival

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Page Created: 11 Jan 2018 23:35

Site: Ylands (Pronounced: "islands")
Genre: Survival Sandbox PvP
3D Game: Yes (Unity)
Free To Play: Unknown (Early Access)
Premium Pay Option: Yes

This is not a review

I discovered Ylands shortly after learning about a similar game called Rising World. Although the Rising World engine seems a bit more polished and constructing buildings is much easier, there is an aspect within Ylands that is far superior than Rising World as well as many other survival sandbox games; ocean play. With Ylands, the ocean is just as dynamic as the islands and players can construct boats and ships to sail the sea to search for lost treasure or find more islands. Although Ylands is in early access, a large portion of the community is very much involved with designing their own custom ships. I have personally gained a lot of interest in creating oceanic platforms from which to call home.

This is more of a promotion for the game than it is a review. To be fair, the game is very buggy due to the fact that's it's still in Alpha, but it does have a nice list of game modes that, once polished, will make a very nice game.

  • Single player "Explore" mode or "Creative" mode.
  • Multiplayer mode (great for friends)
  • Dedicated Server mode (great for friends and for public servers)
  • Scenario Editor

Players can also create unique scenarios using the scenario editor to make islands or to create mini-games, puzzles, etc… Everything in the game can be changed including the terrain that consists of dirt, sand, or rock and although you start out new game sessions by gathering items like grass to make grass clothes and stones to make stone tools, you can eventually work your way up to crafting power items, engines, cars, and even a propeller pack to fly. Ships for example can be powered with sails or with any of the various types of craftable engines.