Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar

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Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar

If you're a retro gamer, you might describe this game as "charming". But back in the 80's, Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar was considered "epic". Although it's ancient in computer years, and you would be hard pressed to get it to run well, even with a dos emulator, it's still a fun title and has a bit of a cult following to this day. True Ultima fans will consider this game just one of several within the Ultima series worthy of praise. I on the other hand have only played 2 within the series of 9. But both of them captured my attention for well over 50 hours each and have more than qualified for my list of epic PC games.

I played this game on a Tandy Laptop 1400 LT running DOS. The graphics have not aged well, but back in the 80's the game play was deep. At the time, the game differed to some degree from other RPG's. Rather then center your mind on a singular objective, the game focused on your character. It became more about you, and less about the world. This may be why the game was so compelling, you were a central point in a story. This concept isn't as foreign today, but it was a change from the status quo back then and this is one reason why it occupies real-estate within my list of top ranked video games of all time.

Would I play it today? Probably not, there are plenty of RPG competitors today. But I have dabbled a bit here and there, to get some of those classic old time feels. But the developer of the series, Richard Garriott (AKA Lord British) has gone indy to produce a crowd funded sequel to the series called Shroud of the Avatar, still in development at the time of this writing. Will I play it? It's hard to say no with a legend like Lord British at the reigns. But that will have to wait for another time.