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Page Created: 15 Nov 2017 19:38


After roughly 390 hours playing Rust, I suppose I can admit to myself that 1) I like survival games and 2) Rust is my favorite. Like most survival games, map sizes vary but given the circumstances of the game, a smaller map can work just as as well as a larger map. The point behind Rust is that you start with nothing more than a rock and you are literally naked lacking even basic clothes. With that one rock you must quickly gather natural resources (or steal from others) as quickly as you can to build tools and eventually a base with both offensive and defensive armaments.

Thick PvP

If you don't like PvP, then you will hate Rust because Rust is thick with PvP. It's best to get a small house up as soon as possible, even if it's just one tile in size so that you have a retreat. There are no PvP zones and from the moment you login, you can be attacked and killed by other players. A popular server with more players can see you facing a killing blow every 10 minutes easily and the best way to think of Rust is as a FPS in which it's not a matter of whether or not you die, but how often you die and therefore trying to reduce the frequency. If you're just starting out, it's recommended that you find a server with very few players and then team up with someone while learning the basics. You will certainly want to avoid the official servers until you have a better handle on game play.

Base Building

Base construction is a huge part of Rust and the feature that I find most appealing. You have a great deal of creative freedom to build as you see fit. Though most builds are focused on defense, it's possible to build just about anything from a towering eye-sore to a stylish beach house. Other players will take great pleasure in destroying and breaking into your base to rob your chests and some players go to extreme lengths to create traps within their builds.