9 Dragons MMO

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Page Created: 30 Sep 2017 02:04

9 Dragons MMO

True story, I literally wrote the players guide for 9 Dragons (9D). Here's how it happened:

At the time, 9D was a free to play MMO with premium options. It was published by Acclaim and developed by an Indy company called Indy 21 Co. Ltd. Both companies are now defunct, but the game lives on and at the time of this writing, it is available on Steam. When I started playing the game, I was fascinated by it, but seriously confused and I couldn't find a single guide anywhere. I soon learned that due to a very unusual agreement with Indy 21, Acclaim was not permitted to publish any guides for the game. So the players had to fend for themselves and figure out how everything worked. Even though most of the game was in English, it was still a Chinese MMO and some of the concepts were a bit non intuitive for North Americans.

I started taking lots of notes and at some point, I decided to combine my notes into a single document that I called The 9 Dragons Tome. I then posted that guide on my Google Pages website (remember Google Pages?). At the same time, I promoted the link through the 9 Dragons community forum on the Acclaim website. Within a week the link to the guide was getting spammed all over the web as a "Good beginners guide" and soon thereafter I was contacted by Acclaim. After a brief discussion, Acclaim then published the link to the guide on their site and since I was a 3rd party and the guide was hosted off-site, they were clear of any possible contract violations.

Looking at the Tome today, I'm not the least bit impressed by it, I think I could have done a much better job. But it's still there and I doubt anyone is downloading it. I wish I had had the foresight to setup tracking to measure the amount of times it has been downloaded. I can see that the download page has been visited roughly 16,000 times though, so I think I can safely assume at least 16,000 downloads but I think some people linked directly to the .pdf. I'm planning to move the guide but for now, you can still find the 9 Dragons Tome on my ancient Google Sites page.

About The Game

I suppose I should regale you with how great the game was. It was primarily the PvP aspect of the game that hooked me for a short while. Once you started to move out of the lower level zones PvP became frequent. Looking back, I'm a bit surprised that the game hooked me for as long as it did because I very much dislike zoning in MMO's, it makes the MMO feel very unnatural. Not only is the MMO zoned but the zones are also extremely linear. But since my guide is still available, I think I will forgoe details of the game. If you are interested, you can read my old 9 Dragons guide, or you can try it out for yourself over at Red Fox Games.