Scripters War (Formerly Raining Chain)

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Updated: 16 Oct 2020 00:29

  • Site: Scripters War (Formerly: Raining Chain)
  • Genre: Medieval with PvP
  • 3D Game: No
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: No
Short Description

This PBBG began as a student project. However unlike most PBBG's intended to be an educational project, Scripters War is far above the fold. Scripters War is a 2D browser-based Graphical MMORPG with old school 16 bit sprites. It is very traditional in terms of gameplay offering the usual quests and combat to level up, but with quite a few twists. The sole developer seems to have captured a unique feel with this game.

  • Portable browser game, no plugins required. (HTML5).
  • The game includes an editor as a separate applications-based free download. Players can contribute art, quests and maps.
  • Mini games are built into the MMO as quests. For example, minesweeper and tower defender.
  • Gear obtained through drops, purchase, or by trading with other players can be upgraded by collecting materials, or extracting materials from unwanted items.
  • Action based RPG to compliment character skills and stats.
  • Skill advancement through the reputation system (see screenshot below).
  • Party system.
  • Leader board for everything.
  • Chat with item linking.
  • Vanity perks earned with contribution points.
  • Combat pets can be gained as a random drop from bosses.

Scripters War lore is described as "A video game about a video game" meaning that an overlord has unleashed a virus to corrupt the source written by "The Creator" and your job is to help eradicate the virus.


Scripters War began as an HTML5 educational project. During early development, it followed a generic theme with Elfs, Orcs, and Gods and was later on changed to a more uniquely flavored theme about programming.


It's a sprite based 2D MMO played in your browser using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The developer even has a series of HTML5 Tutorials built around the game that gives players and aspiring coders a look at Scripters War through the eyes of the developer.


If I can offer criticism, it's the lack of players. Yes the game is in Beta but I think the game needs more promotion. I've never seen more than a few players while logged in. I think a referral system would help a lot, esp if the developer were to toss in contribution points, gold, or some other reward for players that referred new sign ups. On the other hand, the small world might not fare so well with a large group of players. More players would require a larger world. But then again, there is a player driven map and quest editor to help increase the size of the world.

2020 Update

Sometime between 2019 and 2020 Raining Chain was renamed to Scripters War.