Earth Eternal

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Updated: 14 Apr 2019 04:37

Earth Eternal [3D]: Retired
  • Site: Earth Eternal
  • Genre: Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic Earth with PvP
  • 3D Game: Yes
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: Yes
Some History

Earth Eternal was a rare gem. Imagine playing World of Warcraft in a browser, and you have a good idea of what it was like to play Earth Eternal. This PBBG was originally conceived in 2006 by Iron Realms, a well know and well seasoned RPG brand, especially within the MUD Market. Iron Realms created a new company called Sparkplay Media to handle the development of the game.

In January 2007, Sparkplay Media published a website for the game and revealed some of the details. Mainly, the game would be a free 3D MMORPG and played in a browser. One of the primary concepts was that players would choose from 1 of 16 races of beasts to represent their character in game.

For the most part, Sparkplay Media worked with a small budge but in February of 2008, Sparkplay Media pulled in more then $4 million in funding from two investors. With this new funding, SM was able to realize a bigger and better MMO so they began innovating and weekly updates became the norm. By this time the community forums were ripe with activity from fans waiting for the game to be released.

For the next 6 months, fans enjoyed weekly updates regarding the progress of the game until August 2010, when a an extremely long weekly update that could be summarized:

Some Bad News. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to move forward with the development of Earth Eternal and we have put the game up for auction. With any luck, we will hopefully be able to pay back our investors and hopefully a buyer will come forward who will be able and willing to keep the game running.

In August of 2010 Earth Eternal, the most robust and feature rich Free 3D PBBG I had ever seen, created by SparkPlay Media was sold in an auction after the CEO of Sparkplay Media announced it was going into bankruptcy.

Before the month was over, on August 31st, 2010, the Earth Eternal website was shutdown for lack of payment, as expected. Later we learned that Earth Eternal has been bought, but the name of the company was unknown and for the next year, there was no sign of life, and a ton of heated debates within a popular fan site known as Earth Eternal Forever.


In August 2011, exactly 1 year after the game was sold, the new owner(s) of Earth Eternal republished the game to include some minor changes and the addition of new character choices. Unfortunately the game was hit with an onslaught of bugs and was shut down yet again in late November 2011 for an indefinite period of time. The revival had lasted for just barely 3 months.

Since the rebirth of Earth Eternal, and the subsequent 2nd death, many attempts have been made to revive this PBBG but most of the fan base have moved on to greener PBBG pastures and it seems like that best alternative is an applications based fan-developed version of the original that can be found here.