About the illumiblocki
About The illumiblocki

We are The illumiblocki, angels to some, and demons to others. Often imitated, but rarely duplicated. We are self-reliant builders of the block, and purveyors of the arcane. "One block at a time" is our chant, and that's the way we enjoy it. We don't look for shortcuts because what we do is a work of art. it requires time and dedication. In the words of our beloved Si.Pan:

It may be that our way of doing things is wrong, perhaps even unwise. Sometimes I have thought so myself. But we are unique and we will keep to the things that make us so. This is our victory over all things outside of the Blocki, those things that are not of the illuminated Dom. For us there is no other way, we either survive as we are, or we fail to survive. ~ Alia The Prudent, Mother of the 4th age.

We are not the best builders, and neither are we the worst. But good or bad, we build, and we grow. If you prefer to earn your place in your world, then we may have room for you in our world.

~ Whane The Whip, Keeper of the Pana.