2016 - 2017 Game Statistics

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Updated: 15 Apr 2019 18:03

2016 - 2017 Game Statistics

I'm going to roll out this report with what I think is the single most interesting statistic regarding gamers:

There is a significantly greater number of adult women playing video games than boys under the age of 18. Women: 31%, boys: 18%.

Although men outnumber women at a ratio of 59 to 41, you have a greater chance of encountering an adult woman in a multi-player game than a child or young teen.

The List
  • 67% of all U.S. households contain a device used for gaming.
  • 97% of households use a PC to play video games dominating mobile and console (48%).
  • 65% of all U.S. households are home to at least one person that plays at least 3 hour per week.
  • 53% of gamers play multi-player games at least once a week for an average of 6 hours.
  • Consumers spend more than $30 billion per year on video games.
  • The average male gamer is 33 years old and the average female gamer is 37 years old.
  • 41% of U.S. gamers are female while 59% of U.S. gamers are male.
  • 17% of gamers play with their spouse and 41% play with their friends.
  • 45% of gamers say that it helps them to connect with their family.
  • 71% of parents say that video games play a positive role in their child's life.

Video games are a venue for telling stories. Before radio, the campfire was the story-telling hub. Later, the radio replaced the campfire as a central point for family members to gather around and hear stories, both real and imagined. Radio dominated until 1927 when TV's were invented to give users the ability to see as well as hear stories. Today, more than $30 billion is spent annually on video games, this is comparable to the global cinema market. Video games represent the newest venue used to not only hear and see a story, but to be a willing participant.

Digital Sales vs Physical Sales Over Time

Development Stats
  • There are 2322 video game developers in the U.S.
  • There are 526 video game publishers in the U.S.
  • There are 65,678 workers employed for developers and publishers in the U.S.
  • The average annual salary for an employee of a developer and publishing company is $97,000

Source: The Entertainment Software Association, The NPD Market Research Group.