Worlds Adrift: Tadpole Tips
Tadpole Tips for Worlds Adrift

A Tadpole is a term of endearment given to Worlds Adrift rookies. The learning curve for WA is surprising low compared to many other MMO's but we were all Tadpoles at one point, and some of us longer than others. These tips are intended to aid new arrivals to the world of Foundation.

Tadpole Tip #1250: Build only what you're prepared to lose. The loss of a ship is an opportunity to improve your design or experiment with a new one.

Tadpole Tip #1252: The stats received upon assembly remain the same regardless of the quality of the metal used to repair it. But when salvaged, you can expect to receive a lower quality material if the repair material was also a lower quality.

Tadpole Tip #1256: Unless your starting island is ripe with wood and metal, your first ship should be something simple and optimized to use as little materials as possible so that you can hop over to better islands to harvest better materials for a ship with more effort.

Tadpole Tip #1261: You're first goal is to gain 50 knowledge so that you can unlock ship building and your second goal is to gain 250 knowledge so that you can unlock engines. A sail will get you off the starter island, and engines will get you to the next zone. But as long as there are unexplored islands in your current zone then there's no need to rush for the next zone.

Tadpole Tip #1263: To get through a windwall is easy, you will need a minimum of 50 engine power and 3 wings. Once you are ready, gain elevation and push through the wall watching your wind indicator to make sure you don't drift off course.