PBBG's Under Review

Most of the pbbg's that I come across these days look the same and in fact are often developed by the same company using the same core with a different skin. Learning that the game has an auto-path "feature" tends to result in an immediate turn off, but it does speed up the review process. Many of these games end up on my Mammoth list of PBBG's; a repository of the good, the bad, and the ugly. But on occasion, a game piques my interest enough to create an account, dive in, and check it out. Here are a few recent games that I'm reviewing for possible inclusion within my list of top recommended PBBG's.

PBBG's Currently Under Review
  • Reactor Block:
  • Relics of Avabur: Looks text based but not sure if it's an mmo or single player rpg.
  • Stein: 2D Top-Down retro graphics.
  • Galaxy Warfare: Classic grid based travel with a mix of text. I'm enjoying the game so far and it has a fresh looking interface. I don't know what it is but despite the game being enjoyable, I'm quickly losing interest in it. For now it's still under review until I can make up my mind.
Completed Reviews