Worlds Adrift MMO

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Page Created: 28 Jul 2018 01:20

Worlds Adrift

This didn't look like the type of MMO that I would ordinarily appreciate but after watching a few videos on Youtube, the temptation to try it out got the better of me. I was pleasantly surprised.

Worlds Adrift is an MMO and at the time of this writing, it's available on Steam via early access. Although it's an MMORPG, it currently lacks a large player population. primarily due to the fact that game is not yet finished. After 15 years, Eve Online is still getting 20,000 - 30,000 logged in users daily but Worlds Adrift (WA) typically has around 500 logged users.

In WA you build and fly a sky ship, hopping from island to island and from zone to zone looking for knowledge and schematics to improve your ship. While there are default hulls from which you can choose from, much of the fun with WA is derived from designing your own ship frame and then adding components. Sounds simple enough. However, after adding the fact that WA is a PvP game and that your ship can be stolen or "sunk", and that you can be killed and lose all of your inventory with the exception of what you carry on your belt, a feeling of apprehension might ensue. But the fact that you can lose things is what makes this game so great, unlike so many other games in which there is literally no penalty for death or risk of loss of items.

A World Created By The Users

Another interesting aspect about WA is that the majority of sky islands were created by the user base. Initially, the island creation tool was intended for Bossa staff (the company behind WA) but a decision was made to release the tool to the players and let them design their own islands. Users can share their islands via the Steam workshop and Bossa will pull their favorites into the game for everyone to visit.