Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic

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Updated: 12 Oct 2017 18:25

Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic

I was quite hooked on this game. Despite the namesake, there was never a part II, but there was another game release by the same developer called Hard Nova, considered by many to be a sequel to Sentinel Worlds. This little gem was designed and developer by Karl Buiter and released back in 1989. I played it on an old Tandy laptop. It was no surprise for me to see that this game is mentioned on over 14,000 web pages at the time of this writing (2017), not bad for a Dos CRPG that was released nearly 3 decades ago!

Sentinel Worlds is set in space within a system containing 3 planets and while space combat and hostile boarding is part of the game, most game play takes place on the planetary surfaces. You control a party of 5 crew members, some of which looked suspiciously like well know actors at the time including Ripley from the Alien franchise and Arnold Schwarzenegger, though this is only inferred.

Each character can be fully customized in terms of starting stats and focus on skills and as a very young min-maxer, I spent quite a bit of time reading up on the details and hammering out starting skills for each of the 5 characters to make sure that I was prepared for all scenarios.

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