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Notes: There are two live servers, one for NA.E and one for the EU. Both servers are in Virginia so if you're after a low MS, selecting one server over the other won't matter.


Crowfall is an Early Access MMO currently in alpha and as such, anything you read here should not be misconstrued as an accurate description of the games final form. Crowfall is an MMO being developed by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. also known as ACE. Ace describes their game as a throne war simulator. In Crowfall, three factions fight for control over land and assets within a campaign setting that will last for 1 to 3 months before a reset. So in a way, Crowfall is like a real-time-strategy game but instead of one player controlling an army, every player in Crowfall is part of that army and free to work independently or cooperatively. It could also be seen as a combination of an MMO and a MOBI meaning that you can develop your characters over time without resetting skills, and yet still partake in campaigns that do reset.

Character Advancement

There are three ways to improve your character:

  1. Train skills that are tied to all of your characters
  2. Improve attribites that are tied to a single character, within a single campaign
  3. Improve gear

Essentially, you are an immortal spirit. Your spirit form looks like a crow, hence the term "crowform". As a spirit you have the ability to train skills that will pass onto any vessel that you possess. A vessel is the physical form that your crowform inhabits and for each campaign, you will have one vessel. A vessel is similar to a player character as they are more commonly referred to in other MMO's. Any skills you learn will stay with you for the lifetime of your account.

Training Skills
Training skills in Crowfall is much like training skills in Eve Online. You choose skills to train from a series of large trees and then que up your training time for the trees you choose. As you accumulate time, you can apply that time to any available skills within the trees. Since training skills is based on time, and not grinding, you can remain logged out for a length of time and return with lots of time to apply to the skills you want. And since skills are applied to your spiritual crowform, you don't even need to be in a campaign world to train them, you can train skills from the campaign selection lobby without entering any game session. The challenge in training your skills isn't finding the time to do it, the challenge is in deciding which skills to train; there are so many skills, that you will never have time to train them all. The good news is that you can train any skills you want, but some skills won't work with all vessels…

Skill Restrictions
Although you can train any skills you wish, not all skills will work with all vessels. For example, a class skill that applies to a Ranger class, cannot be used on a Templar class. Likewise, a racial skill that works with Humans, will not work with the Elken race, though you may find similar skills for each race and class, depending on the function of the skill. So if you're a human and training racial skills for a human vessel, but then decide to try out the Elken race, then you will also need to train skills relating to the Elken form. But there are lots of skill types meaning that where you may find restrictions, you will also find skills that will work with two different vessels. For example, if your Human and Elken vessels are both rangers, then any Ranger skills you have trained will apply to both. So if you have 1 years worth of Ranger training and decide to try a new vessel, then your Ranger skills will be just as powerful on your new vessel, than on your previous vessel. This is the beauty of training skills in Crowfall.

Skill Types
There are 5 skill types available to train and each type has a ton of trees to advance through. At the time of this writing there are 600 skills with 1500 skills planned by launch.

  1. Racial Skills
  2. Class Skills
  3. Crafting Skills
  4. Explorer Skills
  5. Combat Skills

Vessel Advancement
In addition to skills that apply to any vessel you inhabit with your crow spirit, you can also develop vessels. This is done by earning XP to level your vessel. With each level you achieve, you will be able to choose where to distribute points into your attributes. This is very much like old school RPG's. Each type of vessel, depending on the race, will have a predetermined set of attributes, but you will be able to improve these further with xp gained through leveling up. Unlike skills, attributes can be lost if you lose your vessel when you die. A low level vessel may get left on the battlefield, but a higher level vessel can be scooped up by another player, just like loot and then inhabited with your crow form. So no only can you loot items from players you have killed, but you can even take their vessel too, forcing them to choose another vessel, or start a new one. It's even possible to trade vessels.

The final way to improve your vessel, is through better gear. Like vessels, gear can be lost, or taken. So vessels and gear are fluid and can be gained or lost. But skills are forever and once gained, never lost. With all of the choices available to better yourself, especially through skills, it is very unlikely that there would be two equally matched vessels, unless someone decided to share their build so if you wanted to be identical to another player then you would have to copy their race, class, vessel level and exact attribute distribution, the same skills, and the same piece of gear with the same characteristics including any characteristics gained through experimental crafting.