Sherwood Dungeon

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Updated: 16 Nov 2017 03:54

Sherwood Dungeon [3D]
  • Site: Sherwood Dungeon
  • Genre: Medieval with PvP
  • 3D Game: Yes
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: No

When I first discovered Sherwood Dungeon, I was excited and disappointed all at once, excited because it was 3D, and disappointed because it had virtually no content at the time. I really thought that Sherwood could compete with Runescape but it never really seemed to grow much beyond that of a dungeon crawler. Though I'm not a huge fan of Dungeon Crawlers, I've taken liberty of exception for a few titles, such as Darkest Dungeon. While Sherwood is a good PBBG, and better than what it was years ago, it still doesn't quite create within me an imperative to play the way other titles do.

But if there is one item of extraordinary praise that I can offer Sherwood Dungeon, that is the unrestrained patience of the one man (Gene Endrody) that has put in countless years developing it, solo. From the best of my knowledge, Sherwood was the first free true 3D PBBG available to play.


Sherwood has more content now including account creation (previously accounts were tied to a PC using a cookie only), quests, more equipment and gear, a more robust PvP system and a slight expansion of the mainland area. As with most RPG's, players can develop their characters by gaining XP to grow in levels. The world has grown quite a bit with 100's of dungeons and 10 themed islands. Over 1.5 million players have played or at least tried Sherwood.

With 100's of dungeons it is certainly more of a world than previous versions, but it still feels a lot like a dungeon crawler and a leveling mill. Since I try to be as honest as I can regarding my opinion of games, I'm not going to try to polish that view. Yes it's a neat looking 3D PBBG, and yes, it's really not that deep in terms of content. You can enjoy this game for a while, but I don't think it will retain your attention as well as others might. That said, since there has been additional development over the the course of so many years, there is a good chance that MMI (Maid Marian Entertainment) will continue to develop the game further.