Top-ranked PBBG's

This is a list of my current top PBBG picks. These games are featured on the main page of this site.

Previously Ranked PBBG's

All of the games listed below were once top ranked but have been de-ranked for various reasons noted below.

  • 2006 Pardus: Fun 2D PBBG but deranked due to rising stars.
  • 2006 The Damned Isle: Was ranked during the early years. Site is no longer up.
  • 2006 Fallensword: Demoted in favor of an HCS 2nd gen PBBG.
  • 2007 Realms of Loria: Would still rank it, if the site were still up.
  • 2008 Earth Eternal: [3D] Retired. It was like playing WoW in a browser.
  • 2008 Magic Duel: 2D. Too many new restrictions as a free game.
  • 2011 Battlestar Galactica Online: [3D] Retired: Feb 1, 2019
  • 2011 Nadirim: 2D Retired.
  • 2011 AD-2460: 2D 4X Strat. Retired.
  • 2013 Runescape III: [3D] No longer playable in a browser.
Bait & Switch

These games were originally released or promoted as browser based MMO's, gained attention and rank on this site, and then after gaining an audience, the developers dumped the browser version of the game. This all happened rather quickly after gaining a large audience lending me to tag them as Bait & Switch. For example, Albion Online presold copies of the game under the premise that it would be browser based, then after collecting money, and prior to releasing the game, cancelled the browser version. Runescape is not on this list because they did in fact run for years as a PBBG before going with an application based MMO when support for Java was dropped. Though, I'd like to see Runescape port to HTML5… it was their portability as a browser game that lent in part to their success.

  • 2011 Drakensang: Switched from web browser to application in between reviews.
  • 2014 Villagers & Heroes: Formerly: A Mystical Land. No longer portable.
  • 2017 Albion Online: Switched formats from web browser to application based.
Honorable Mentions

While technically unqualified for inclusion within this site as a top rated browser MMORPG's, these WEB-GL games still offer excellent game play opportunities for any fan of browser games. In my search for great PBBG's, I've stumbled on these games and I can't help but to promote them.