Rattay Guardian Estate
Rattay Guardian Estate

There are two additional dwellings on the same creek as the Rattay Grove house. But one is quite small and of little interest in terms of real-estate. However, the one nearer to Rattay is quite nice, and like the Rattay Grove Estate, you don't have neighbors.

This estate includes a variety of animals including a cow, chickens with special enclosure as well as a coop, pigs in the barn as well as a dog. There are several paths in and out of this estate including a path that leads into the Rattay woods. The couple that lives here are listed as "Townsfolk" and don't appear to be vital to any quests. What I really like about this location is that the creek runs along the property nestled between the estate and the steep banks leading up to the Rattay walls with a unique feature that I won't spoil. Check it out for yourself and you will see why I named this house the "Guardian Estate".

Do note that there is one guard that patrols the road that leads out from the SW gate and eventually makes his way to this estate before turning around to head back. Although it takes him a long while to complete a round, keep that in mind when dispatching the current tenets and be sure to hide the bodies well. If you happen to be wanted by the Rattay guards, then that roving guard will find you, probably when sleeping.

You might find it interesting that this location is marked as a camp on the map. Some of the benefits of this location include:

  1. Large "Estate" size claim.
  2. Very close to Rattay proper.
  3. Adjacent to a creek and several roads extending out in multiple compass directions.
  4. A variety of farm animals.
  5. Multiple storage chests.
  6. Cooking pot.
  7. Very close to fast travel spot, even without a horse.
  8. In addition to a sleeping pad there are also fur covered sleeping benches.