Rattay Grove
Rattay Grove Estate

This is one of my favorites. It's a house with Mill on the creek just at the edge of Rattay woods. It includes a small barn with cow, chicken coop with chickens, garden with garden shed, and a large L shaped mill with access to an upper walkway. There's lots of extras too like a wagon and dovecote for example. The main house has two floors with a spacious living area, cooking pot, chests, table, etc. Upstairs is a bedroom with sleeping mats. There are only two* residents to kill off, "Elderly Woman" and "Elderly Man". What I like most about this house is that it looks very secluded yet is still very close to Rattay and a couple of fast travel points. There are also several paths in including one behind it that leads directly into the Rattay woods. Benefits include:

  1. Large "Estate" size claim.
  2. Near Rattay and the Rattay Woods
  3. Adjacent to a creek.
  4. Farm animals to keep your horse company.
  5. Multiple storage chests.
  6. Cooking pot.
  7. Close to multiple fast travel locations.

*Note that there is at least one side-quest linked to this house called Tough Love. Completing the quest prior to claiming the house means that in addition to killing off the elderly couple, you may also have to kill off their step daughter should that be the direction you take. If you're a rogue going after the Serial Killer achievement, then you might find this favorable.