Ledetchko Cabin
Ledetchko Cabin:

This is a nice single home and single floor dwelling on the banks of the river very close to Ledetchko. There are only two occupants, both are nameless and with no talking options. There is also a small shed and a chicken coop, but no chickens. There is however a dog that you can dispatch should you get tired of his barking. This is a small claim for anyone that might prefer a smaller real-estate footprint. Benefits of this location:

  1. Central location to the map for equal distance access to all areas.
  2. Very short ride from Ledetchko for trading and fast travel.
  3. No neighbors.
  4. Very close to the 2nd Miller for selling stolen goods.
  5. Storage chest.
  6. Sleeping pad.
  7. Cooking pot.
  8. Cuman spawn point on the road between your house and Ledetchko which is handy for skilling until they disband.