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Updated: 16 Jul 2018 17:08

Give Eve a try and play for free for as long as you like. For using my buddy link when you sign up you will receive 250,000 skill points to use towards any skill(s) you want, this saves you about 5 days worth of automated training.


Read these 4 tutorial tips before logging in for the first time. All other tips are best read sometime during your first month.

Rookie Tip #1610: The newbie tutorial is somewhat straight forward but don't try to anticipate the next step because if you take action before being guided to do so, you can bug the tutorial. Complete each step as you are instructed.

Rookie Tip #1611: If you are Gallente and near the end of the tutorial, insure your ship before going to destroy the hive so that you can turn your loss into a gain. To insure your ship: Right click it > Insure. Buy the most expensive insurance you can.

Rookie Tip #1612: Gallente & still working on the tutorial? You have a chance to get up to 2 million ISK salvaging the Liberty wreck at the end of the tutorial. You need to bookmark (CTRL-B) the gate that leads to the hive then come back with a salvager after you get killed.

Rookie Tip #1613: The career agent missions are considered an extension of the tutorial. You will earn additional ISK, a handful of ships, and learn more about the game, the latter being the most important.


Rookie Tip #1719: To address someone in chat so that their name is highlighted, drag their name into the chat box.

Rookie Tip #1720: Popular trade hubs in order of most populated to least populated include Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie, and Hek.

Rookie Tip #1721: Note the location of your purchase. It could be several jumps away meaning you have to go fetch it. ALT-T will show you all your stuff and the stations they are located at.

Rookie Tip #1722: When in a system with lots of gates to other systems. Click the name of the current system you're in (upper left) to see the security levels of all adjacent systems.

Rookie Tip #1723: Don't think of Eve as a twitch style cockpit game, it is a command game… you *command* your ship and crew.

Rookie Tip #1724: When you know that your mission is a suicide mission, get your ship insured first, even if it was a free ship given to you. Free ISK is the best ISK.

Rookie Tip #1725: To save a location in space, hit CTRL-B. To set a route to a saved location hit ALT-E then right click the location of your choice and > set destination. In the same system of a bookmark, right click in space to warp to it.

Rookie Tip #1726: You can better organize your item hangar by using containers as pictured here: https://i.imgur.com/WyGWB4d.png Just right click the container to name it.

Rookie Tip #1727: Are you lost in space? Press ALT-T to list your stations. Find the station you call home then right click and 'set destination'. Follow the yellow gates in your overview.

Rookie Tip #1728: Ships get dirty over time. You can scrub off the grime with > ALT-F > Open left "skin" panel > Then press the "Clean Ship" button near the bottom of the panel. You may need to redock to notice the difference.

Rookie Tip #1736: Almost every option you see includes a hotkey that is visible when you click that option. If you want to be pro some day, learn and use hotkeys early on. They will save your ship again and again.

Rookie Tip #1737: There are often 1000+ people in Rookie chat. If you see someone consistently disrupting the chat, feel free to right click their name and choose "Block". You can also followup with F12 > Go to help center > Report a player.

Rookie Tip #1739: Bounties don't grant kill rights, but they will provide the poster with a way to track you and perhaps your stomping grounds, this is one reason small bounties are placed.

Rookie Tip #1740: The age of a character does not reveal their knowledge or skill levels. They could be a 5 year old account with 2 weeks of experience, or a 1 day old character with a decade of experience (and skills).


Rookie Tip #1775: You can adjust font size: "Escape > display and graphics > scale". Also: "Escape > General settings > context menu fontsize". For chat fonts, click the gear in the top left corner of the chat box.

Rookie Tip #1777: Fly like a seasoned pro after viewing "The Rookies Guide to a Perfect User Interface": https://youtu.be/rCA0nfe1zZs


Mining is the first source of income for most new players. These tips will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Rookie Tip #1811: Are you a Miner? Asteroids grow over time. A belt that has small asteroids may be getting mined out every day. A belt with large asteroids may not be getting hit as often. Asteroids reach max size in 3 days.

Rookie Tip #1812: Until your reprocessing skills are maxed out, you will earn more ISK by selling the ore without reprocessing it. For example, want to reprocess Veldspar? then "Reprocessing" & "Veldspar Reprocessing" should be at 5.

Rookie Tip #1813: While mining, right click your ore and "view market details". This will show you the best place in the region to sell for the best price. Take note of the number of jumps though, make it worth your time.

Rookie Tip #1814: If you mine in 0.8 or lower systems then rats will show up to say hi and give you a little extra something to do, have your drones ready. You may even earn more ISK from rat loot/salvage than with the ore you mine.

Rookie Tip #1815: Minerals used in construction are obtained from asteroids. To determine which asteroids to mine to get the minerals you want, and where to find them, use this handy chart: http://i.imgur.com/hO9SFSp.jpg


Rookie Tip #1901: If you cant afford to replace your ship and all modules twice, then you cant afford to fly it. If this is the case then fly something cheaper.

Rookie Tip #1903: Out of ISK? Lost your last ship and now your life is in ruins? You can get a free rookie ship complete with weapon and mining laser by flying your pod to any station in which you don't already have a ship. FreshStart™.

Rookie Tip #1904: Need ISK? Mine, do missions, salvage wrecks, go ratting, craft, haul, do contracts, explore data/relic sites, harvest gas, buy low & sell high, buy plex w/$$$, steal, kill, gank, and scam.

Rookie Tip #1906: The SOE Arc will earn you over 20 million ISK. You can nearly double that by looting and salvaging while completing the missions.


The people that developed Eve Online (CCP) are dedicated to giving players the freedom to shape New Eden the way they see fit. This means that while there are some rules to protect new players in rookie chat and in rookie zones, other than that scamming is not forbidden in Eve. These rookie tips will help to protect you from some of these scams.

Rookie Tip #2105: When people talk about low amounts of ISK, how poor they are, or how they just lost their ship, they are often fishing for free handouts from people that feel bad for them. It's a type of scam.

Rookie Tip #2106: A common scam in Rookie is to announce that someone just gifted them ISK, or to type "stop giving me ISK". They are hoping that you will donate too.

Rookie Tip #2107: Another rookie chat scam is to say "Thanks to whoever sent me the 500,000 ISK" so that you think others are "helping" them in hopes that you will also help. It's better to remind them that there is no begging in Rookie help.

Rookie Tip #2108: 99% of all purchase and trade offers you see in local chat are scams. Especially contracts. Want to know more? Here's a short video: https://youtu.be/OgRFdrWz0RY


Rookie Tip #2203: Rats don't have capacitor so there is no point in trying to neutralize them.

Rookie Tip #2204: There are various tanking fits. Some ships make better shield tanks while others are better armor tanks. In general, maximize your tank according to your ships attributes.

Rookie Tip #2205: Speed tanking is taking advantage of a ships quick speed to avoid getting hit. Several factors play into this but it's possible to take out an NPC battleship with a tiny Frigate using this method.

Rookie Tip #2206: There are many weapon types as well as ammo types that do different types of damage. Reading the details about your ship will show you any weapon type bonuses available for your ship.

Rookie Tip #2206: To find ammo that works with your gun, view the info panel of your gun and then click the "Used With" tab. From there you can right click any ammo to buy on the market.

Rookie Tip #2207: Not hitting your target? Set your default orbit to match your optimum range. http://i.imgur.com/rRGOQCT.gifv

Rookie Tip #2208: There are over 250 ships in Eve and there is no such thing as the "best ship". A ship is a tool and it's not about whether or not the hammer or screwdriver is the best, it's about which tool is best for the job at hand.


Rookie Tip #2331: Eve is a game of patience and persistence. Take your time, enjoy the ride. It's not about the finish line, not that it has one, it's about the journey. #thatsdeepman

Rookie Tip #2332: A popular philosophy in Eve: "I do what I want". Just remember, everything you do has consequences, good and bad.

Rookie Tip #2333: Did someone attack you? Gain knowledge from the experience. If you must send mail, ask your attacker something about the encounter, something that can improve your PvP. Not only will you get respect for this, sometimes you will get reimbursed as well.

Rookie Tip #2336: To win, you must be willing to fail. If you cannot face failure, then you will never take the risks necessary to win. In Eve, don't be afraid to fail, it will only hold you back. #realworldtip

Rookie Tip #2337: When in your ship, assume you will lose it. When you don't, it's a nice bonus.


Rookie Tip #HA38: This handy 17 second video explains radar jamming in Eve - https://youtu.be/hMXrsVvT1e0

Wow! Did you read all of the tips? Nice! Spread the love. Each tip above is short enough to be pasted into Rookie chat. You will see lots of questions in Rookie chat that are answered with these tips. So why bother helping others? 1) Giving other people answers to their questions will help you to remember the tips too and 2) You might find a new buddy and forming friendships in Eve is the #1 factor that determines how long you can enjoy the game.