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Updated: 23 Oct 2017 17:38

Tribes of Elyria

Tribes are similar to races in other MMO's. COE will have a total of 12 tribes to choose from as a starting race. However at launch this will be reduced to 8 tribes and the other 4 lost tribes will not become available until discovered by someone.

Identifying characters for each tribe is broken down into 5 categories:

  • Biology: Physical appearance.
  • Environment: Native biome.
  • History: Past events.
  • Culture: Language & Religion.
  • Sociology: Relations with other tribes, professions, government, and political advancement.

The 5 categories above can determine an large variety of properties but there are 5 main properties that you should be aware of for your character. These include:

1. Your diet. Since tribes are biome based, their diet is dependent on their biome, and what is available for eating. You will not necessarily be restricted from eating things that are unpopular for your tribe, but if you choose to do so, you may suffer from a stat penalty, or a debuff.
2. The type of buildings you initially design and construct. Tribes indigenous to a specified biome, will have a preponderance for constructing things out of locally available materials. For example, in a desert you won't find many trees so therefore you probably wont find too many wooden houses (or anyone talented in chopping down trees for that matter). And you might be hard-pressed to find stone in a swampland. This does not mean you can't learn how to construct houses with other materials, but you will have to find a way to import what you need, or be willing to relocate.
3. Your size. Your size may help or hinder your ability to do things in the world. For example, a very large 2-handed sword may not be very effective if you have a very small frame. Likewise if you are big and bulky then this may effect your ability to parkour, and prevent you from squeezing through a small entrance. Being smaller may also give you a boost in agility, but at the same time could make you more prone to injury if attacked with a blunt weapon.
4. Your comfort level. If your tribe has spend centuries in a cold biome and you are off adventuring in a jungle, you will not be acclimated to the Jungle heat and rain and this will effect your comfort level, essentially resulting in a debuff.
5. Your advantages and disadvantages. A tribe may also have a tendency towards intelligence, strength, or agility, etc… This wont necessarily alter your starting stats as that is primarily dependent on your family genes, but it can give you a boost in how easily or quickly you increase abilities that rely on those specific talents.

To put this into perspective from a practical application, if you and your people want to invade and raid a settlement in a biome that is non-native to your tribe, then you will suffer a comfort debuff depending on how well you have acclimated. Likewise, if you are surviving locally then that means eating the local food and suffering from a food debuff whenever that food is foreign to your usual diet. Both of these factors could effect your ability to succeed in your raid.

List of Tribes

Here is a list of the Tribes and a summary of their differences. The official COE website goes into great detail for each tribe but this should give you a brief idea of the tribe that you favor the most for your character. Just keep in mind that there are other factors missing from the chart below such as religion, language, sociology, education, and military that you will want to research.

Tribe Biome Height Diet Housing Advantages Disadvantages
Brudvir Alpine Forest 6'2" Meat, Lichens, Dairy & Animal products Wood & Stone Minor cold & Disease resist. Direction detection. Tracking. Low poison tolerance. Takes longer to craft.
Dras Swamp 6'5" Omnivore Stilt Homes Immune to disease. Maj resist poison. Can eat rotten food and dirty water. sensitive to sunlight
Kypiq Broadleaf Forest 4' Vegan Trees Size: hide & fit into small space. Mimic animals. See in low light. Size: equipment and mount limit. Can't eat meat. Weakness: blunt weapons
Neran Grasslands 5'8" Omnivore Wood & Stone 20% increase in the rate of learning new skills ?
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I'm no longer supporting CoE

The offer is over and I can no longer support this game due to Soul Bound Studio staff misconduct which has led me to believe that any potentially good game experience will be ruined by Chronicles of Elyria staff.