Skills in Elyria

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Updated: 14 Apr 2019 23:09

Chronicles of Elyria Skills

In the traditional sense, there are no hard-coded classes in CoE. Instead, each player will decide what skills they wish to improve and all skills are available to them to learn and train, provided that there isn't a tribal restriction. To improve a skill, you must use it. And there is no tree to unlock a skill meaning that you don't have to grind through skills that you don't like in order to train the skill(s) that you really want.

Skill Categories

All skills in Elyria are categorized into types of skills. Each type is further divided into more specific skills that I like to call classes. Here is a breakdown of all 6 categories and their known classes.

  1. Combat:
    • Unarmed
    • One-Handed Weapons
    • Two-Handed Weapons
    • Thrown & ranged weapons
    • Two-weapon fighting
    • Sneak attacks.
  2. Survival: A character's ability to survive in the wilds.
    • Finding food & water
    • Tracking prey
    • Bandaging wounds
    • Navigating through the wilds
  3. Crafting: Production of goods.
    • Consumables (Food & Drink)
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Furniture
    • Jewelry
  4. Gathering: Gathering & processing of raw materials
    • Identification and handling organic materials (Plants and animal byproducts)
    • Identification and handling inorganic materials (Metals and Gems)
  5. Bardic: Information and discovery
    • Music (buffs)
    • Reading ancient languages
    • Forensics (track a murder)
    • Cartography
  6. Deviant: Illegal
    • Pickpocketing
    • Purse cutting
    • Crafting false identities
    • Forging documents

I'm no longer supporting CoE

The offer is over and I can no longer support this game due to Soul Bound Studio staff misconduct which has led me to believe that any potentially good game experience will be ruined by Chronicles of Elyria staff.