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Updated: 21 Nov 2017 16:40

Overview of Chronicles of Elyria

To understand Chronicles of Elyria, it's best to think of it as a world simulator played as an event driven Sandbox MMORPG. The world is in a constant state of flux just like the real world. If you logout and return in 3 months, the world can look very different. Your character will age, and eventually die. A standard life span for a character is just under 1 year in real life time, assuming you don't do things to risk a premature death.

Player characters are persistent and remain in the world even when you log out so where you choose to be within the world is important prior to shutting down because that is where your character will remain while you are offline. If you are deep in the forest away from others, you could very well become dinner for a wild beast. On the other hand, if you're an inn-keeper and log off while in your inn, you can continue to work the inn. Since your character will persist within the world, whether or not you are logged in, there will be an external chat app with XMPP that allows you to chat using an external app with players in the game. The idea is to provide you with a means of staying apprised of in-game events, even when you are not in the game, just in case your attention is needed. Of course this is optional and will depend heavily on your responsibilities within the world.

In most MMO's, everyone is a hero and able to achieve legendary status. In Chronicles of Elyria, true hero's are rare and you have to work for it.

Since this is a simulator, there will no in-game maps. Any maps that eventually make their way to you, will be out of the effort of other players, or perhaps you, or perhaps as a community effort. This is assuming that everyone wants a map, it may be that those best equipped to make maps, prefer to keep the world as uncharted as possible.

I'm no longer supporting CoE

The offer is over and I can no longer support this game due to Soul Bound Studio staff misconduct which has led me to believe that any potentially good game experience will be ruined by Chronicles of Elyria staff.