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Updated: 15 Nov 2017 03:16

Geography of Chronicles of Elyria

Each world (server) will contain several continents. The starting continent for each server will be approximately 256km x 128km and access to the additional continents won't be possible until the technology to build ocean craft becomes available through research. This amounts to 8,000,000 parcels of land per starting continent with parcels being 64mx64m. It is estimated that it will take 48-hours of non-stop walking (at 1.5m/s) to reach one edge of the continent to the other. This assumes the world is flat with no obstructions. Add in the mechanics required for resting, changes in the terrain such as forests, rivers, mountains, and natural obstructions, and this estimate will increase.

If you prefer miles. 256km x 128km is 159 miles x 79 miles, a total of 12,561 square miles.

Update: Caspian has mentioned that the size of the continent has shrank slightly. Though he does not recall the exact dimensions, he is estimating 10,000 sq miles rather than the 12,561 stated above. This is still double the size of Asheron's Call which was 500 square miles. Once I get confirmation on the new size, I will update this.

Getting from one continent to the other will require player made ships and if there is a danger far enough out at sea, then any death would be perma-death. If you can reasonably reach the shore, you will not perma-die in open water. There won't be seafaring tech at launch, but coastal and river travel should be available with smaller boats.


Each continent is divided into Biomes and each Kingdom will have several different Biomes. Biome type determine the Tribe type as well as many additional related Tribe considerations. The borders of biomes tend to align with the borders of Duchies within each Kingdom with a transition area between biomes that share some of the traits of both the adjoining biomes. Selecting a specific Tribe will restrict your starting location to a Biome that is native to that Tribe. So if you have made plans prior to launch to be part of a town, and that town is in a Jungle, but you want to be Neran, then you will find that your starting location may be far removed from the location you wish to be.

I'm no longer supporting CoE

The offer is over and I can no longer support this game due to Soul Bound Studio staff misconduct which has led me to believe that any potentially good game experience will be ruined by Chronicles of Elyria staff.