Character Creation in Elyria

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Updated: 14 Apr 2019 23:13

Chronicles of Elyria

Character creation is riddled with many choices and considerations that at first glance appear simple, but have deeper ramifications.

  • Family or Ward
  • Tribe Selection
  • Location Preference
Family or Ward

In COE you can choose to start within an already established family. This means that you will be occupying a pre-existing NPC that is already in the world. The benefit of this is that you may get a jump start on wealth building because you will already have a place to live, some skills, money, and a name for yourself, to some degree. The drawback is that you don't get to customize your characters appearance, because your character already exists in the world.

On the hand, you could choose to start as a Ward of the state, an orphan as young as 12 years old. In this case you would not have a family to help jump start your life and you would be starting from very humble beginnings. The primary benefit of this is that you get to customize your characters appearance, and being youthful, you will have a boost in skill development.

I'm no longer supporting CoE

The offer is over and I can no longer support this game due to Soul Bound Studio staff misconduct which has led me to believe that any potentially good game experience will be ruined by Chronicles of Elyria staff.