TCN1 0.6.3

Your greatest weapon is your patience, let it bloom, be not complacent.


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This page is under construction and wont be completed until after version 0.7.

TCN1 Launched just on Jan 14th, 2018 just 2 days prior to update 0.6.3 and [will end] on Feb 2nd to correspond with the 0.7 update. We learned a lot about how the DS server works and what it doesn't like with this first run and are using the data to improve TCN2. TCN1 also saw the first appointed member to admin (Justin) and he had to use his moderation powers more than once.

If you built anything during the run of TCN1 and want a copy of the save file, then contact me. Be sure to include your in-game name and BI-ID. You can get your BI-ID by joining any MP game, hitting escape, and then click "Online Players". Banned players are not eligible to receive a copy of TCN1.


These stats were collected over the course of 28 days (Jan 14 to Feb 11), the length of time that the server ran.