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If it's a score you wish to shun, diplomacy travels best through the barrel of a gun.


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Bans and ban appeals

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If you've been banned, you can request an appeal by sending a PM to Whane The Whip on the Ylands forum, posting on the official TCN thread, or through this contact form.

Please note: Terrain grief is altering the terrain at a players base or build project that you don't own or griefing the shore line. Terrain alterations in the wilds is fine, as long as the result isn't just to make things ugly or to troll someone.

  1. [W] bi ba531cc7-9bd7-4177-aff8-5cdc8e56c349 -1 (RogueTurtle) Terrain Griefer
  2. [W] bi 6bcf7ff8-a353-4e68-9c72-47a76a0b1b30 -1 (Murderous Pirate) Terrain Griefer
  3. [W] bi eb36be38-2168-49eb-acca-d55ba3e10dbc -1 (Unknown name) Terrain Griefer
  4. [W] bi de3836a4-fbf0-4806-a944-ec8a72cdedb0 -1 (Unknown name) Griefer
  5. [J] bi 084f01e1-1d55-4bda-8f63-212f059c201a -1 (Yankers) Hateful/Racial slurs
  6. [J] bi 2f2e4389-8357-4f69-aedc-7c6c0a0ad8cd -1 (Unknown name) Macro'd 1500 campfires*
  7. [W] bi 01976f13-15ba-451c-a96b-f5fc95cd03cb -1 (N****r) Hateful/Racial name, griefer
  8. [W] bi 029a2248-4b80-4874-94fb-fd213314e2cd -1 (Ochiett) OPC/AFK killer
  9. [pre-ban] bi 98372658-fe4a-46d1-aa6d-4a78ee59db44 -1 (Ahzz) Terrain and spawn griefer
  10. [W] bi c22330fc-11fd-4030-8e7a-47a7b1a9203b -1 (Elmer) Terrain grief, base grief, OPC/AFK killer

[*] I don't have definitive proof that a macro was used, but the creation of 1500 campfires is still grief in my book. It did however appear to be a macro, the campfires were getting laid down very fast and at the rate of 3 at a time for every step the user took.