Best PBBG's & Browser Based Games
Best Free Browser Based MMORPG's (PBBG's)

I've reviewed 100's of browser based MMORPG's in order to present you with what I consider to be the very best. My focus is on RPG's because there are other sites that focus on strats and muds. On the rare occasion that I do list a strat or a MUD, it is because I found it to be incredibly impressive.


Eldevin is a PBBG best enjoyed with others. Over the years the population has slipped a bit but it's still one of the better Free PBBG's.


Dead Maze is an addicting browser mmorpg. But as a Flash based MMO, it's running on borrowed time. Find out why.


Raining Chain is a fun Browser-Based 2D Action PBBG with medieval elements. The 16 bit SNES styled graphics combined with modern MMO features make it a hit for browser MMO fans. It is undervalued and must be played to be appreciated.


Pardus is at first glance, an unassuming 2D space PBBG. But upon closer examination, this game has a lot more to offer than you might think. This game had me hooked for 2 years and taught me a bit more patience as well as the benefits for the use of action points.


AD-2460 is a fun, real time 4x game playable in your browser. The user interface is clean and intuitive and it's one of the few strats that I struggle to criticize.


This is a list of PBBG's that are currently under review and are being considered for inclusion within my list of top recommended browser MMO's.

Other Free Browser Based Games

These games, while playable in a browser, are not technically defined as PBBG's but are nonetheless innovative and fun and if you're a fan of browser based games, then you should check them out.


Littlewargame is a real-time strategy (RTS) game played in your browser and presented in 16 bit retro style graphics. In a word, it's charming.